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Tomorrow's Times: Vol. 5

Welcome to our fifth issue of Tomorrow's Times! In this issue, we'll be sharing how to sign up for the vaccine waitlist and general COVID-19 statistics.

COVID-19 Report

According to the DSHS, COVID-19 cases in Texas have continued to rise. On January 1st, Dallas County alone recorded over 6000 new cases.

As always, remain socially distanced, maintain good hygiene, and wear a mask. Ending this pandemic starts one person at a time.

Collin Vaccine

Youth of Tomorrow: Donation and Volunteering

Whether you're looking for hours or just looking to help the community due to COVID, many food pantries are experiencing a lack of supplies and volunteers.

Engage in contactless assistance through donations, and we'd gladly pick up donations to assure convenience for you!

As always, stay safe.


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