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Tomorrow's Times: Vol. 4

Welcome to our fourth issue of Tomorrow's Times! In this issue, we'll be detailing current COVID-19 statistics as well as how you can help the community.

COVID-19 Report

It should come as no surprise that the number of student-related COVID-19 cases has since increased after the opening of in-person classes.

However, we do understand the demand and necessity to engage in the most beneficial learning environments. As always, maintain good hygiene and social distance.

Besides this, make sure if you're exhibiting any symptoms to stay home, and only leave to get medical help.

CVS Free Minute Clinic**


CVS has free COVID tests. Anyone older than 12 is eligible for testing and just needs to register and sign up for an appointment

Visit: for more information!

Youth of Tomorrow: Donation and Volunteering

Volunteer events are starting to become more prevalent. Whether you're looking for hours or just looking to help the community due to COVID, many food pantries are experiencing a lack of supplies and volunteers.

Engage in contactless assistance through donations, and we'd gladly pick up donations to assure convenience for you!

As always, stay safe.


  1. Texas Gov: "Texas Covid-19 Workbook." Google, Google, 2020,


Stay tuned for future editions to our newsletter!

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