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Minnie's Food Drive

12/1 - 1/22

Our winter drive for Minnie's Food Pantry where we donated 1200 pounds of food!

Minnie's Food Drive

9/8 - 10/17

Our third drive for Minnie's Food Pantry where we amassed around 1500 pounds of food!

Drive for Chinmaya Vijaya

8/13 - 8/28

We raised $400 for school supplies for kids to return to school safely in India!

Minnie's Food Drive

7/8 - 7/18

Our second drive for Minnie's Food Pantry where we donated over 1500 pounds of food!

PPE Distribution

6/12 - 6/26

The Youth of Tomorrow team helped distribute PPE to healthcare professionals in the DFW area!

City House Drive

6/2 - 6/15

A drive focused on gathering materials for homeless youth in our community! Over $750 worth of items were donated!

Minnie's Food Drive

4/13 - 4/18

Our first event where we raised over 1700 meals for youth in need!

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