Youth of Tomorrow was started with the intent of making a positive impact in our communities during the coronavirus pandemic. After organizing a successful food drive for a well-established non-profit, we decided that it was time to start our journey in helping others. Youth of Tomorrow is a youth-driven nonprofit organization focused on aiding individuals, especially youth, in local communities by organizing various volunteer projects based on what is needed most in each community. Not only are we dedicated to improving young lives in our community, but we are also focused on encouraging young people to participate. 

Because we focus on helping immediate community needs, we have the flexibility to undertake any project we like. Whatever the community needs most, we're willing to find a way to fulfill its needs. Due to the coronavirus, we’re focusing on drive-related fundraisers to collect materials that our community needs. For example, remote food drives for families in need, and hygiene product drives for homeless shelters.  

Anjali Brown

Founder/Managing Director

Harish Viswanathan

Public Relations Director

Allen Jue

Visual Design Director

Alex Fiacco

Founder/Managing Director

Bethel Kim

 Social Outreach Director

Justin Hall


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Youth of Tomorrow  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. © 2020

(Youth for a Better Tomorrow)